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Chapter 1


Shalom and welcome to the first posting of Story Time with Safta Miriam.

Story time is a very special time. It is the time when children and parents or grandparents get to spend quality time together. Even children who know how to read enjoy being read to. Older children also enjoy reading to their younger siblings.

In the gan or classroom the children gather around the teacher listening to every word. Because there aren’t any pictures on the blog, everyone’s imagination has to work and the interaction between the children, teacher and story characters makes a lively discussion.

The Adventures of Avi and Ari is a story with ten chapters about twin brothers, Avi and Ari. The boys are inseparable, sharing each others life. When we reach chapter six, for the first time in their lives, they must separate. In many of the chapters, the boys learn a very important lesson that applies to children of all ages. My goal with this blog is simple. I want to introduce a blog that is family orientated. I plan to include stories and links for older children and some print out activities.

Here are the chapter titles from The Adventures of Avi and Ari.

Introduction Meet The Twins.
Chapter 1 The Twins Surprise.
Chapter 2 The Twins Learn a Lesson.
Chapter 3 The Twins Go Camping.
Chapter 4 The Twins Do the Right Thing.
Chapter 5 Grade 1, Here We Come!
Chapter 6 Ari's Class Project
Chapter 7 Avi Goes to the Hospital
Chapter 8 Rosh Chodesh Adar is in The Air
Chapter 9 Saying Good-bye
Chapter 10 A Very Special Trip

Each week, I will post a new chapter. In this first blog we have the
Introduction and Chapter 1. Whether you read the story online or print it out to read at a later date, I hope you enjoy each story.

Meet the Twins

Avi and Ari Brown are identical five and half year old twins. They have blonde curly hair. Their big blue eyes have a twinkle of mischief. Little freckles cover their nose and dimples on their cheeks.

Avi and Ari live near Toronto with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brown and their baby sister, Bracha.

The boys attend the local Jewish day school and are in kindergarten. Every morning, Mrs. Brown drives her sons to school.

Their school is a large building with many classrooms. The kindergartens have its own section and playground. Every day at 10:00 is recess. Avi and Ari love to go outside and play with their friends. They eat the snack that their mother packs in their knapsacks. Miss Green, the boy's teacher always has a nice outdoor activity.

In class, Avi enjoys the puzzles and building toys. Ari thinks circle time is the best. He really enjoys Miss Green's stories. The time passes very quickly.

At twelve o'clock the bell rings and it is time to go home. Avi and Ari sing a goodbye song with their teacher and friends and wait for their mother to come to take them home.

After lunch the boys have a short rest. They take turns inviting friends to come over to their house. Sometimes they do the visiting.

By the end of the day, the boys are so tired. They shower and one of their parents reads them a story or two. They say Shema, kiss their parents goodnight and fall asleep, wondering what adventure they will have tomorrow.

Chapter 1:

The Twins Surprise

The twins do not want to go to kindergarten today.
To find out why, let’s start reading..........

"Good morning Avi and Ari, time to get up," said their mother. "I don't want to go to kindergarten today," cried Avi, as his mother gently tried once again to get him out of bed. "Me neither," shouted Avi's twin brother Ari. "Why can't we stay home and play in the snow," asked Avi, his big blue eyes pleading with his mother. "It is the first big snowfall. Everyone is going to stay home today."

The first snow had started to fall in the evening, just before the boys had gone to bed. It continued all night. The lawn had disappeared. There was an inviting look outside.

Their mother told the boys that they could play in the snow all afternoon. Now it was getting late and they needed to get up and get ready for school.

Mrs. Brown said that she was sure that Miss Green, their teacher, would find time to take all the children outside to play in the school yard. There is plenty of snow for everyone. The two of you will have a lot of fun playing with your friends. You had better get up now and hurry so that you won't be late.

The boys looked at each other. As if each could read the other's mind, they decided to get ready for school. Avi and Ari jumped out of bed. Quickly they got dressed. The boys gobbled down their breakfast. As quick as a wink, they put on their snowsuits, boots, hat and mittens. In a few minutes Avi and Ari were out the door and in the car.

Mrs. Brown drove her sons to school. The streets had just been plowed. There were mounds of snow on the sides of the road. When Mrs. Brown reached the school, the boys jumped out of the car. With a fast good-bye, they climbed over a snow pile. They dashed into their classroom and ran to Miss Green, both talking at the same time.

Miss Green put up her hand like a stop sign. "I can't understand either of you when you are speaking at the same time. Now Avi you go fist." "Miss .Green, it snowed all night. Can we go outside to play." "Please Miss Green," jumped in Ari, "please Miss Green."

Miss Green told the boys and all the other children to go and sit in the circle. She had an announcement to make. Each of the children took their place in the circle. They criss-crossed their legs and waited for Miss Green to make her announcement.

"Today children, I have a surprise for you. We are going to spend the morning having a first snowfall party, playing in the snow. The snow is sticky, so you will be able to build a snow castle, make a snowman or whatever you want to do. Just no snow ball fights. I have invited two mothers to help us. When you feel cold, come inside to our classroom and one of the mothers will give you a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie." All of the children shouted, "hurray."

As the children quickly got all bundled up, there was a knock on the classroom door. Miss Green opened the door and in walked the two mothers.

In walked two mothers and Mrs. Brown was one of the mothers. Miss Green welcomed the mothers and told the class to line up at the playground door. She picked up a large box that contained snow shovels and pails. Miss Green asked Ari to lead the class outside. "Have fun children," said Mrs. Brown, "and remember, if you are cold come in and warm up with hot chocolate," said Mrs. Black, the other mother.

Outside the snow had stopped falling and the sun was shinning. There were big piles of snow everywhere. The other kindergarten class in the school was also having a snow party. All the children were having a great time playing together.

The children made snow angels, built a great big castle that took up half the playground and a giant snowman. Miss Green had brought some old carrots, pieces of charcoal and a floppy hat for the snowman.

The time passed quickly. Everyone was having a fabulous time. Miss Green called her children to line up and go into their class. "It is almost time to go home. I hope everyone had a good time at our snow party. Tomorrow we will paint pictures of our party to put on the winter bulletin board." Miss Green thanked Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Black for helping out.

As Mrs. Brown, Ari and Avi were walking to the car, Mrs. Brown asked the boys if they were happy they decided to go to school. "Why didn't you tell us about the snow party," asked Ari. "That would have spoilt your surprise," answered their mother. "I had a great time," said Ari. "Me too," said Avi.

The boys were so tired from playing outside all morning. All they wanted to do in the afternoon was sleep. And sleep they did, dreaming about their WONDERFUL FIRST SNOW PARTY.

I hope you enjoyed reading the introduction and chapter 1. G-d willing, next Sunday, I will post chapter 2. If you would like to have puzzles, riddles and other activities on the blog, please send me a comment and pass this blog to your friends.

See you soon!
Have a great week.
Safta Miriam

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