Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chapter 2


The Twins Learn a Lesson

Join Avi and Ari on their trip to the swimming pool.
Did something happen at the pool?
What important lesson did Avi and Ari learn?

"Hurray! Today is the last day of kindergarten," said Ari. "After the summer vacation, we will be in grade one", said Avi.

Mrs. Brown, the boy's mother, arrived to pick up Avi and Ari from school. She asked them, "how would you like to go to the pool this afternoon? Daddy is coming home from work early today. He will take you.

"Super! Great!" the twins replied. "What a way to start the summer vacation," said Avi.

All afternoon the boys waited for their father to come home. Their mother told them that when the clock says 3:30, their father would be home.

Every five minutes, one of the boys would check the clock. Time was moving very slowly for 5 1/2 year old boys.

Finally the clock said 3:30 and sure enough their father was driving up their driveway. The boys ran outside shouting "when are we going to the pool? Should we get our bags?" "Don't I even get a hello and a hug and kiss before all the questions." asked Mr. Brown.

The boys hugged and kissed their father. Once again they asked "when are we going to the pool?" "The pool opens at 4:30. When the clock says 4:15, we will leave the house. While you are waiting, go and put on your bathing suit. Then put a towel in your bag," said their father.

Once again, time moved slowly. The boys were so anxious to get to the pool,they could hardly wait.

The minute the clock said 4:15, Ari and Avi ran to their father. Together they excitedly said "4:15, time to go," and out the door they ran to the car.

When they arrived at the pool, the boys went to the pool gate. Mr. Brown needed to pay the admission fee and get a basket. The line was very long with many other fathers and sons. The line moved quickly. Avi and Ari met many of their friends also standing in line.

"Last one in the pool is a slow poke," screamed Avi. Both boys and their friends dumped their bags into the baskets and ran towards the pool.

The pool was a large outdoor pool. The water was blue. You could see the bottom of the pool. Around the deck were many lifeguards. They sat on tall chairs under a large red umbrella. Around their neck was a big brown whistle. Each lifeguard had a large bullhorn. This was used if there was danger in and around the pool.

A whistle shrieked and the lifeguard called out, "no running on the pool deck. If you run, you will have to leave the pool.” The boys and their friends stopped fast in their tracks. No one wanted to get sent home.

One by one, they walked to the edge of the pool. They jumped in with a big splash. Avi jumped first, followed by Ari and then their friends.

Once again there was aloud shriek from the whistle. The lifeguard called from his bull horn. "No jumping off the edge of the pool. Use the stairs at the side of the pool. If I have to speak to you boys again, you will be sent home."
Avi and Ari waded to the deep end which was for swimmers. The boys had been taking swimming lessons for the past year. They earned their swimming certificate.

Mr. Brown joined his sons in the pool. He told the twins that he expected them to behave and listen to the instructions of the lifeguards.

Avi and Ari had been in the pool for along time. They were jumping off the diving board, swimming back and forth and playing with their friends.

After sometime, Mr. Brown told his sons to go out of the pool. He said they should rest for a few minutes and have a drink. He told the boys that they could go back into the pool in 15 minutes.

Mr. Brown and some of the other fathers were sitting together. They were trying to decide how they could arrange a carpool. The pool was opened 3 days a week for boys.

Mr. Brown suggested that they make a schedule. Each father would take a turn driving and watching the boys at the pool. They agreed that any boy who didn't behave would be out of the carpool.

"Is it 15 minutes yet, can we go back into the water", asked Avi. "Sure", said Mr. Brown, "but remember what the lifeguard said about running and jumping into the pool.

Their friends also got permission to go back into the water. One by one each boy went down the steps into the pool.

"Let's play a water game," said Avi. "The lifeguards have some water balls. I am going to ask for a ball and then we can play monkey in the middle."

"Great idea," the boys all shouted together. Avi went to ask for a ball. The lifeguard gave him a water ball. Avi said that he and his friends had to be careful not to hit anyone.

The boys made a circle. One of the boys went into the middle. He was the monkey. Carefully they each threw the ball over the head of the boy in the middle. They passed it back and forth while 'the monkey ' in the middle, jumped and tried to catch the ball.

All the boys were laughing and having the greatest time.

Suddenly, the lifeguard blew his whistle and shouted, "everyone out of the water. No pushing, just leave the water in an orderly fashion." At the same time two other lifeguards were diving into the pool.

Avi and Ari and their friends went to their fathers.Mr. Brown told the boys to sit down and he would go and see what the problem was.

There was young boy, who was playing in the shallow end. He could not swim. He walked to far out chasing his ball. The water was almost over his head. Another boy, who didn't have a ball, grabbed the little boy's ball and threw it into the deep end. The little boy was scared and was crying. The lifeguard scooped up the little boy. He gently carried him out of the water and handed him to his big brother. His big brother was supposed to be watching him.

The lifeguard supervisor then made another announcement. The little boy is okay. One father called out to the lifeguard. He said that balls should not be allowed in the water. We could have had a tragedy today. The supervisor agreed. He said, "for now on, balls will not be allowed in the water, even if you know how to swim. If you have a ball, please bring it to me now."

Mr. Brown told Ari to give the ball back to the lifeguard. It was now time to go home. They quickly gathered their bags. Avi returned the ball. Mr. Brown returned the basket.

The twins were very quiet on the way home.
Mr. Brown told Mrs. Brown what had happened at the pool. They decided that this was the right time to have a pool safety discussion with their sons.

Mr. Brown started by saying that the pool was a fun place to go. It could also be a dangerous place, said Mrs. Brown. You must listen to the lifeguard at all times. You have to also respect everyone else in the pool. You may think it is fun to push or splash friends in the water. If that person can not swim, they could go under and drown.

Mommy and I want both of you to go to the pool. We also want to know that you will always by careful. The boys said they will always be careful and listen to the lifeguard. Mr. Brown told Mrs. Brown and the twins about the carpool he and the other fathers arranged. He said that the boys could go swimming every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

That evening after supper, Avi and Ari took their showers. They then got into bed. The boys were very tired from their busy day. Avi and Ari fell asleep dreaming about the fantastic summer vacation they were going to have.

See you soon!

Have a great week.

Safta Miriam

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