Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chapter 3


The Twins go Camping

Join Avi and Ari on their unexpected camping trip.
What adventures did they have?

"Wow! Next week is our birthday," said Avi. Ari chimed in and said, "We are going to be six years old." Avi and Ari were discussing their birthday party with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown asked the boys what they would like for birthday presents.

Avi said that he wanted roller blades. He wanted to fly down the hill in a flash. Ari said that he wanted a new bicycle with five speeds. Mr. Brown said he would see what he could do.

Mrs. Brown then told the boys that they could have their party next Monday. They could each invite three special friends. Their Mother told the twins that she would help them make there own invitations on the computer. 'What are we going to eat?" asked Ari. 'What would you like to serve?" asked their Mother. Together, the boys said, "hot dogs with buns, chips, apple juice and for dessert watermelon, birthday cake and pareve ice cream." Mrs. Brown agreed. Mr. Brown told his sons he would turn on the sprinklers. The boys could play with the water and stay cool.

That afternoon, Mrs. Brown, Ari and Avi sat at the computer. They designed a great invitation. On the front of the invitation there was a picture of twins blowing out the candles on their birthday cake. Inside it said:

You are invited to Avi and Ari's birthday party.
Date: Monday, July10th
Time: 4:00 P.M.
Place: Our backyard.
Bring a bathing suit.

The next day, the boys delivered their invitations.

What the boys didn't know was that their parents had a totally different birthday party surprise. They had arranged an overnight camping trip with each of their special friends and their fathers. Although the invitation said Monday, the party was going to begin on Sunday. It was decided not to tell their friends until the last minute, so that no one would spoil the surprise.

Early Sunday morning, while Ari and Avi were still asleep, Mr. and Mrs. Brown loaded the car's trunk with the camping supplies. They had a tent, rolled up mattresses, sleeping bags, and a cooler full of food and of course marshmallows to roast over the camp fire. Everything they need for an exciting overnight trip.

Mr. Brown arranged with the other fathers to leave at 9:30 a.m. He and the twins would leave at 10:30. This way the friends would be able to shout surprise when the twins arrived. The campground was a 2 hour drive.

The boys woke up, but were still in bed at 9:00. They were chatting away about their birthday party. "What games should we play," said Avi. Mr. Brown popped his head into their room and said, "good morning. I have to drive to the country this morning. Would you both like to come along for the ride? I am leaving at 10:30 sharp." The boys said "yes" and jumped out of bed to get ready.

Ten thirty sharp the boys were in the car. They were unaware of what was in the trunk and why they were going to the country. The day was beautiful. The sun was shining. There weren't any clouds, the humidity was low and there was a slight breeze. It was a perfect day for a ride to the country.

As they got closer to the campground, Mr. Brown passed several signs telling them how much further they had to go. The last sign said next turn right to Sunset Campground. Mr. Brown turned into the parking lot of the campground. Avi and Ari asked why they were stopping. He told the boys to stay in the car. He would be back in five minutes.

Mr. Brown went into the camp office to make sure that everyone else had arrived. The clerk gave him the campsite numbers and instruction on how to find the sites. Five minutes later, Mr. Brown was back at the car. He told the boys that they could take a walk in the campground. Ari said that he was getting hungry and Ari said, "me too." Their father said that he would see if the camp store had any kosher nosh.

The boys and their father started their walk thru the campground. The air was fresh. The slight breeze made them feel comfortable. Suddenly, Ari said,"Look over there. I see all our friends." The boys ran to their friends and everyone shouted "surprise." Mr. Brown then said "I hope you both enjoy your surprise overnight camping birthday party."

"But we didn't bring any camping supplies," said Ari. "Where are we going to sleep?" asked Avi. Mr. Brown told the boys to stay with their friends. He would go back and get the car. "Everything we need is in the trunk."

While some of the fathers were helping to arrange the Brown's campsite. Mr. Brown was busy serving sandwiches and drinks to everyone. "Tonight, we will make a bar b'que for supper. When it gets dark, I will make a campfire and you can roast marshmallows."
"Hurray," the boys shouted. "Who knows a good camp story?"

The overnight birthday party was a success. The boys went swimming. They hiked and visited the campground petting zoo. They also went fishing at the river bank. Mr. Brown told great campfire stories. Nobody wanted to go home. "You boys were so well behaved. We can go camping again this summer," said one of the fathers.

Avi and Ari thanked their father. They said that this was the best birthday party they ever had. Avi said that he didn't need roller blades. Ari said that he didn't need the five speed bicycle.

Ari and Avi thanked their friends for a wonderful surprise party.

See you soon!
Have a great week.
Safta Miriam

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