Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chapter 4


The Twins do the Right Thing.

Avi and Ari have a problem.
What happened?
How was the problem solved?

"Mommy," said Ari. "Is it okay if Avi and I go to the park?"
"Sure," answered their mother. "I am going to set your watches to ring at 4:30. That is when you are to come home."

Ari and Avi jumped on their bicycles. The park was all the way down the street.

Ari and Avi loved to go to the park to play. Their park had many swings and slides. It also had a climbing boat and monkey bars. In the back of the park was a large grassy field. The boys loved to play ball with their friends.

At the park, they met their friends Yoni and Gilad.
"Who has ball," asked Avi? "I do," said Gilad.

All four boys ran to the grass. There they met two more friends.

Yoni said, "Let’s use these two rocks for goal markers."
Avi wanted to be the first goalie. The boys agreed. One by one the friends kicked the ball. Each one wanted to score a goal. Avi had to be very fast to stop the ball. He didn't want anyone to score a goal.

Every few minutes, they would change goalies. The boys were having a wonderful time together. You could hear their shouts and laughter all over the field.
At 4:00, Gilad had to go home. "I need to take my ball now. We can play again tomorrow," he said.

Avi, Ari and Yoni said "bye, see you tomorrow." Off they ran to the climbing boat.

The climbing boat was a very large boat with many levels to climb. To get to the top you had to climb and go over a bridge. Then you had to crawl up hill thru a tunnel. At the top of the boat was a long curly slide.

Ari and Yoni reached to top of the boat at the same time. Avi was right behind them. As they were sliding down, the boys' watches rang. "Time to go home," said Avi. "Bye Yoni, waving their hands. See you tomorrow," said Ari.

The boys went to find their bicycles. Just as they were leaving the park, a car drove up beside them. The man in the car told the boys that he had lost his little puppy. He asked the boys to help him look for the puppy. He offered them some candy.

Avi and Ari had learnt in kindergarten not to ever stop and talk to strangers. They peddled as fast as they could.

The car continued to follow them. "Please," shouted the man. "Don't you like puppies? My puppy is lost. Help me find him."

The boys were scared. Finally, they reached their driveway. "Mommy, Mommy," they cried. Mrs. Brown came running out of the house. "There is a strange man following us in that car," they both shouted.

When the man in the car saw Mrs. Brown, he sped away.
"What did he say," asked Mrs. Brown. "He asked us to help find his lost puppy. Miss Green, our kindergarten teacher, taught us to never talk to strangers. So we didn't. I was so scared," said Ari. "Me too, said Avi.

Mrs. Brown hugged and kissed her sons. She called Mr. Brown at work. He told her to call the police.

Ari and Avi were able to tell the police how the man looked. A police artist drew his picture. Mrs. Brown gave a description of the car. The police told the boys they did the right thing.

Two hours later the police came back to the Brown's house. We just want to tell you we caught the man near the park. Your descriptions helped us so much.

Avi and Ari, for you we have a good citizens badge.

"Thank-you said the boys." "We are glad that you caught the man. Now we don't have to be scared to go to the park tomorrow," said Ari. Mr. and Mrs. Brown were very proud of their sons.
Ari and Avi want to say to all their friends and readers.

Never talk to strangers.
Not even for a lost puppy or candy.

Run away as fast as you can. Be sure you tell your parents, teachers or an adult you know if a stranger talks to you.

Have a great week!
See you soon
Safta Miriam

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