Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chapter 5


Grade 1, Here We Come!

The twins have been anxiously waiting all summer to start grade 1.
Who did they telephone to share their excitement?
Avi and Ari will be in separate classrooms for the first time.
How do they feel about being separated?

"Ari," said his Mother, "can you go and see if we have any mail." Ari ran down their sidewalk and opened the red and black mailbox. He pulled out two letters, a newspaper and a grocery store circular.

"Here Mommy," said Ari. "This is all the mail we had today." Mrs. Brown looked at the letters. "Oh!" said Mrs. Brown, "here is a letter from your school."

The letter invites you and Ari to an open house to see the grade1classrooms. You will meet your new teachers and we will get a letter about school supplies.

"Ari," said Avi as he ran to find his brother, "on Wednesday at 1:00 we are invited to see the Grade 1classrooms. Today is Monday. Tomorrow is Tuesday. The next day is Wednesday. School starts in three weeks.

Wednesday arrived quickly. The boys were up and out of bed early. They were very excited to be going to see their new classroom. This was going to be the first time Avi and Ari would be in different classrooms. At 12:30, their Mother told them to get ready to go. Daddy will be home in five minutes.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown and the boys arrived at the school on time. Avi and Ari's classrooms were next door to each other. Mr. Brown went with Ari. Mrs. Brown went with Avi.

Ari's teacher was Mrs. Stein. She told the boys to find and desk. Mrs. Stein told the children all about grade1 and what they were going to learn. The boys sang some songs that they had learnt in kindergarten and then Mrs. Stein read a story about a little boy going to grade 1.

Before the boys went home, Mrs. Stein gave everyone an ice cream treat. While the children were eating, she spoke to the parents. She gave them a letter about the books and supplies the children would need and the class rules.

Avi's teacher was Mrs. Eisen. She too welcomed the boys and asked them to find a desk. Mrs. Eisen also told the boys in her class all about grade1 and read them a story. She gave the boys ice-cream treats and then greeted the parents. "See all of you in three weeks," said Mrs. Eisen, as the boys and their parents left the classroom.

Walking back to the car, Mrs. Brown asked the boys how they felt about grade 1. Both excitedly said that they could hardly wait to go for real.

"Mrs. Stein seems real nice," said Ari. "So does Mrs. Eisen," piped in Avi. "What does the letter say," asked Ari?

"Well," said Mrs. Brown, "this letter tells us what books and supplies you will need. Tomorrow, we will go shopping and get everything."

The boys were very excited. They wanted to telephone their grandparents in Israel. "Shalom," said the man on the phone. "Hi Saba," said Ari. "Avi and I went to grade 1 today to see our classrooms and meet our teachers." "That's wonderful," said Saba. Just then, Ari who was on the extension phone said "hi Saba, our teachers are Mrs. Stein and Mrs. Eisen. Tomorrow, Mommy is taking us shopping for our supplies." "Great!" replied Saba. "Safta would like to speak to both of you." "Shalom boys," said Safta. "Saba and I miss you and your whole family very much. Tell me, do you both need schoolbags?" "Yes!" they both answered. "Saba and I would like to buy you your schoolbags. After you finish shopping, send me an e-mail of the costs and I will send your father money." "Thank-you Safta," the boys replied.

"Safta," said Ari, "when are you and Saba coming to visit us. We miss you." "Hopefully, you and your family will come and visit us in Israel. I will speak to your parents." "Goodbye Safta, Mommy wants to speak to you," said Ari.

After Mrs. Brown hung up the phone, Ari asked his Mother if they could go to Israel and visit Saba and Safta. "We will see," she said. "Daddy and I will discuss it. Maybe we can go during the Chanukah vacation. Now let's talk about going shopping tomorrow.

If you boys want to come shopping," continued Mrs. Brown, I expect you too behave. We have a lot of shopping to do. Besides buying the school supplies we also have to buy clothes for school. When we are finished shopping, I will take you out for pizza." "Yummy!" said the boys. "Now go and get ready for supper," said their Mother.

After supper the twins played outside until it was dark.

Mr. Brown told the boys to shower and get ready for bed. He then read them a good night story.

In the morning the boys asked their mother what time they were going shopping. She told them that the babysitter for Bracha, was coming at 10:00. Then they would go.

The shopping center was very large. It had many different types of stores. The clothes store was the family's first stop. Mrs. Brown bought the boys shirts, pants, clothes for the gym class and some sweatshirts.

The next store was the shoe store. There Ari chose blue shoes with a white stripe and canvas running shoes for gym. Avi chose black shoes with a gold stripe and canvas running shoes for gym.

Finally they were at the book store. It was packed with children and parents. Mrs. Brown took a number and waited in line. When it was their turn, Mrs. Brown handed the clerk the school list. The store had set up tables for each school. While the clerk was filling the book list, Mrs. Brown was buying all the school supplies.

Avi and Ari were checking out the school bags. Avi found an orange school bag with a baseball picture. Ari found a blue school bag with a space ship picture. The boys went to show their mother the school bags they chose.

Mrs. Brown paid for all the books and supplies. She packed some of the supplies in each of the school bags. The boys walked out of the store proudly wearing their new school bags.

"Okay," said Mrs. Brown. "You boys behaved very well. Let's go put all our packages in the car and then we can go out for pizza."

The rest of the summer vacation passed very quickly. The first day of school had arrived. The boys were ready to leave the house by 7:00. Mr. Brown told the boys that it was too early to go to school. At 8:15, I will drive you to school. I help you bring all your books to your class.

The time moved slowly. At 8:15, the boys kissed their Mother good-bye. "Have a nice day in school," said Mrs. Brown as she waved good-bye and a tear dripped from her eyes. My boys are getting big, she thought.

The boys found their classrooms. When they entered the room, each teacher handed out name tags and told the boys to put their books in the desk that they chose at the open house.

The school bell rang. The teachers welcomed their students and wished them a great year.

Grade 1 was now beginning!

See you soon.
Have a great week.
Safta Miriam

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