Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chapter 9


Saying Good-Bye

Ari and Avi are busy saying good-bye to everyone as they
get ready for their special trip.

The last days of school were quickly approaching. Avi and Ari were looking forward to the summer vacation. The boys had special plans.

This was going to be their last summer in Toronto. In the middle of August, the Brown family were leaving Toronto and going to make Aliyah and live in Israel.

There was so much to do in such a short time. Although the family had received their okay from the Jewish Agency, they still had a few more matters to look after before the big day. Packing was one of those matters.

Mrs. Brown gave the boys the job of packing all their toys, puzzles, books and prize possessions. First they had to sort out what they needed and what they didn’t need. From the pile of didn’t need, Mrs. Brown told the twins to make a second pile of good and bad condition. The good condition toys and books would be given to a Gemach for children. Mr. Brown would try to repair the bad condition toys and books so that they could be given away. If they weren’t useable they would go in the garbage.

Sorting their books and toys was a harder job that the boys ever imagined. It seemed like they needed everything. Their mother suggested making a pile of books they read often and another pile of books they hardly ever read. The same plan for their toys. What they play with and what they don’t play with.

The boys spent two days sorting their toys, puzzles and books. Finally they were ready to start packing the box. Mrs. Brown gave the boys a large box and many plastic bags. She told the boys to make sure each puzzle went into a separate bag before it was packed. It took two boxes to pack up everything. When the boxes were packed they were closed with tape and Mrs. Brown wrote with a red marker on the box ‘boys toys, books and puzzles’ and gave the box a number.

On the last day of school, Mrs. Brown had arranged for the boys to make a good-bye party for their classmates and teachers. They brought chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles, ice cream and juice.

Their classmates had their own little surprise. Each child wrote a good-bye note, drew a picture and in the corner pasted a photo of them. The notes and pictures were then put in a binder. Mrs. Stein, Ari’s teacher and Mrs. Eisen, Avi’s teacher also wrote notes. So did Rabbi Schwartz, the school principal. In the binder was also the e-mail address for each child’s family. The boys said that they would keep in touch. Everyone would want to know what going to school in Israel was like.

After loads of hugs and pats on the back, the boys once again said good-bye to everyone; they left their school for the very last time.

Avi told Ari that he had a funny feeling in his stomach. Ari said he also had a funny feeling.

The boys spent their time visiting relatives, last minute shopping with their parents and just hanging around with their friends.

Mr. Brown came home from work and announced to the family that he had a surprise. “Today was my last day at work, and since everyone has been working so hard to get ready to make Aliyah, I thought it would be nice to spend a few days relaxing in the country, before the movers come. A friend of mine has a cabin on the lake and he is lending it to us for a few days. We can go tomorrow morning.”

“Hurray,” shouted the boys. They were getting bored with nothing special to do. Except for the activities that they were taking on the airplane, all the rest of their toys, books and puzzles had been packed.

Mrs. Brown told the boys to put their bathing suits, four shirts and short sets, underwear and pajamas in their backpacks. “Don’t forget to pack your toothbrushes, she reminded them.

The next morning the Brown family all piled into the family car. Everyone was very excited about this little vacation. “How long is it going to take to get to the country,” asked Ari. “About two hours,” said their father.

“Why don’t we play a car game to help the time pass.” Avi suggest an alphabet game where the first person says a word and the next person has to say a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. Everyone agreed.
Mrs. Brown said that she would start, followed by Ari, Avi and last would be Mr. Brown.

Mrs. Brown said “Israel.” “Ari replied, “love.” Then Avi answered “eager.” “Ready,” said their father. The family played the game for most of the trip. “I’m hungry,” said Ari. “Me too,” said Avi. “We are almost there said their father.” Mrs. Brown had prepared sandwiches and salad for lunch. “We will eat in a few minutes,” replied their mother.

The family arrived at the country house. They spent the next few days, swimming, hiking, bar’ b’quing and roasting marshmallows in a night campfire while their father told stories.

The little vacation was very enjoyable. Now it was time to go home. The moving truck was coming next week. Then their new adventure would begin.

See you soon.
Have a great week.
Safta Miriam

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